Sunday, April 26, 2009

"...cos I'm not much cop at punching other peoples' Dads"


So this weekend I did almost none of the things I'd planned to. I tried, but I was (very pleasantly) interrupted at every turn. Ah well. This week is chocka too and at the end of it I go to Japan for two weeks. What a busy life I lead!

I did get one thing done this weekend that I've been meaning to for ages though. Trivial to anyone else but I managed to reconstruct a mix tape* my brother made for my birthday years ago. I'd missed it, and forgotten how good he is at doing compilations (if you feel like taking that back up bro' I'd be delighted!)

Not very productive I'll admit but it's funny how much context has to do with appreciation of music. For example even though I've had it handy all the while this compilation was missing I don't think I've really listened to Massive Attack's Better Things in years.

So yes. Japan. Soon I go and visit Iain as promised. Looking forward to the adventure and I promise there will be pictures** of Japan in spring time when I get back... unless something distracts me.

*Yes. By most peoples' standards this task would have been sensibly sacrificed in favour of one of the more pressing other things I had to do, but I was seized with a desire to get it done... or it's a plus side to chronic task avoidance. You pick
**might prod me into finishing that photo section overhaul!

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