Saturday, July 30, 2011 v5.5


That was an uphill struggle... but we're there - welcome to v5.5.

Yes. March's update was the shortest lived version of the site I've ever had. I got all excited about Rapidweaver's clever abilities, and that was amplified by a certain post-Gecko lack of confidence in my own abilities. After freelancing for a few months though I was increasingly embarrassed by the bloated code and slightly tatty layout I'd been able to create just using RW. I know I could have sorted the latter - I'm working on a really exciting project for a client using Rapidweaver, building them a customised Theme. I could easily have done the same for myself... but why? The whole point of RW is that it offers powerful web development tools for people who don't like coding... which is great, except that I frickin' love coding!

I'm not an expert at it, and there are things (like this blog!) which I'm still driving with RW plugins (they're all credited for anyone who's interested) but there's plenty I can do myself, and more neatly. Part of me is giddy that this new version of the site is less than half the size of the previous version, while having the same content.

Those of you not reading via Livejournal or RSS might have noticed the old "work" section has gone, oddly enough this marks a shift in the site's emphasis towards my work, you'll see what I mean if you look at the home page...

There are (of course) still a couple of minor rough edges to polish (biggest of which being the contact form's bad behaviour - it works, it just spits out ugly code instead of a nice neat response saying that it worked...) but most of the site's working as I intended... unless you find otherwise in which case please say. Hopefully I'll manage not to pull it all apart and rebuild it again in another four months!

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