Friday, March 30, 2012

... cruel world

It's OK, I'm not going anywhere.

Well OK I'm going to London next month but that only feels like purgatory, I've no intention of shuffling off this mortal coil.

It is a cruel world though. Or at least it can be.

I had some bad news today from a friend. It's made me angry and upset. It makes me feel the world is a cruel and unfair place.

I have to remind myself that (to date) the balance of my own personal experience has been of world which is a lovely place where good things happen. I have to remind myself to hope for more good things to happen, rather than railing in futility against the bad things which have already happened to a wonderful man about whom I care deeply.

Those of you reading who aren't future me - I promise my next post will be less cryptic, and apologise for rambling incomprehensibly (to anyone who isn't me) but sometimes things need to be marked without the details necessarily being public.

Bad world. No biscuit.

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