Monday, February 25, 2008

don't let your indecision take you from behind

Most people who know me will probably be utterly unsurprised to learn that I am loving this, not least for its excellent sound track. OK so the title isn't a good example of said excellence: "Bucks Fizz" and "excellent" don't even sit well together for me and I like 'em (I couldn't resist though: like most of their lyrics it makes me laugh out loud now*) But so far the show's soundtrack has been cracking! The thing that really floors me about it though is the art direction: I still can't get over how sharply they convey a very clear sense of time with a colour palette! That's a kind of genius to my mind.**

Anyway it got me thinking about all the little signifiers we don't consciously register, which make up our sense of time and place. For the most part they're much more subtle in real life but you only have to flip through some old photos to start seeing them from the past... the thing is though that I can't think what any of the ones for "now" might be. Any thoughts?

*That one's not the best example but I was limiting myself to that band and 1981 and the next best candidate I could come up with was " 'cos everytime you take me I'm sleeping" which I doubt many people would recognise... in fact I'll buy a drink for anyone who can name the song (I've given you the band) without using a lyric search... thinking how much Bucks Fizz I listened to growing up, I can't help wondering what the long term effects on my developing psyche were... and yes, I know I've mentioned this before
**...which we have already established may be is more than a little warped

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Justin said...

I'd say any of the colours used in the inbetween bits on TV, or idents or whatever they're called.

Glossy anyway. Aspirational chromatography!

Black's always good mind.