Sunday, February 17, 2008

wandering and wondering

What a thoroughly lovely day I have had today.

First part of the day, because it was sunny and warm and spring-like, and because neither of us had anything very much else to do, Liz and I went for an aimless amble around the city. We walked a lot, found some bits of city new to both of us, met a very nice old dog and ate some pastries in the sun (not in that order). Liz took many excellent pictures some of which you can see if you go look at her blog. I especially like the Shadow one.

Second part of the day I caught a train and pottered over to Glasgow to spend some time with a man who I like a great deal and very much want to get to know better. I came home just now having done some of both of those things (though there is plenty more of both to be done) and generally feeling happily bemused. The world is an amazing place, full of things to discover... I must remember to go exploring more often.

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