Monday, March 10, 2008


I had a great holiday this weekend, hot on the heels of two days's training I went to Dublin with Justin, Liz and Marja, we explored the city together, saw some cool stuff and spent a fair amount of time just goofing around together too which was good. Liz had found us a great little hotel which also helped make the holiday.

I arrived early coming straight from work in Leeds and beating the other three there by around four hours, settling into the hotel solo was surprisingly easy, it helped that I not only arrived in time to get dinner (just!) but that the hotel's excellent little glass-house bar was playing host to these guys who kept me tapping my feet while I waited for and ate my hotel dinner. Excellent blues guitar work.

Just, Liz and Marja made it to the hotel just after midnight, we caught up and made plans for the weekend and then retired to our beds ready for a big day exploring. Morning came with clear skies and an excellent breakfast on Friday and Saturday, both days spent exploring the city and laughing a lot. Sunday morning rolled around all too quickly though (with attendant bad weather) and it was time to come home.

I'm reminded how good it is both to travel, and to travel with my friends, they're a great and varied bunch and I never cease to be amazed how great sharing the rich and varied world we live in feels.

Today (also on holiday) I spent catching up on the more mundane aspects of life, haircuts and replacement shoelaces... Tomorrow will be back to work and I fully expect it will be Friday again before I blink: there's plenty happening in my world just now. All of it reminds me how good it is to be alive though and I'm pleased (for various reasons) to find myself smiling, a lot, at how lucky I am to have the time I have.

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