Tuesday, March 18, 2008

never had to knock on wood...

... that's a lie. It's also a lyric from a cracking song which I'm listening to just now. ... actually now I come to look the lyrics up I notice that reading it (if you don't know the Bosstones) the song sounds a bit grim. It isn't when you're listening to it.


All is well in my world except that I don't seem to have enough time to be in all the places with all the people that I want to... If only I didn't have to spend quite so much of my time working. Mind you I'm really enjoying that at the moment. Mostly. The getting up in the morning part is still not something that comes naturally. I suspect at this stage I'd better resign myself to never being a morning person.

I'm really missing having a dog of late. I can't have one of course but I miss Jet a lot and would welcome another little brush-brained fuzzball of a companion. Maybe one day.

Spring seems to be... springinging. The garden is a joyous cacophony of colour every morning as I leave for work and has (so far) not failed once to raise a smile in those all important first few moments of really being outside and inescapably in my working day (instead of my bed). That little boost makes for a good start to the day, even when I then have to stay at my desk until 7pm (which doesn't always happen, but happens more often than I'd like considering I don't get paid for overtime... we could really do with an extra body in the office). Better yet it's no longer always night time when I get home - daylight has returned to my out of office hours!

Oh yes, and I have plans! I have plans to buy myself a big present this year and if I've already bored you rigid with it then you'll be tuning out about now (sorry) but if I've not then this might convey a tiny smidge of the glee I feel thinking about my plans. I'm saving up, (sensible-ish grown up you see) but come summer hopefully I'll be a car owner again. Environment and practicality be damned (they both were anyway after all)

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