Monday, June 30, 2003

johnny splat lately


It seems that just as I'm getting started, others are quitting: two of the (very few) blogs I've enjoyed reading have wound down recently. and embra nights have both gone black pretty much just as I've started... makes me wonder if I'm filling a void or just jumping on a band waggon whose wheels have fallen off?

Friday, June 27, 2003


I am in a disgustingly good mood and have been all day. Since (for the first day in ages) the weather is miserable possible explanations are...

1: sleep deprivation
2: the weekend effect
3: the sudden, unusual (and most welcome) absence of teenagers from my workplace
4: the fact that mum and dad are visiting this weekend
5: all of the above


in the beginning...

so *finally* there is content here at - still also far too many of those little 'men at work' about too but I'm working on it. Thanks to the wonder that is blogger this section should be reasonably regularly updated... and thanks to the wonder that is my friend Hamish the whole thing is (almost) perfectly in tune with the rest of the site :)