Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Birthday Ever!

OK, so it was technically a fortnight ago but I'm only just back home*/in internet-connection-land, and besides the whole two week long holiday to celebrate my 30th felt like a gigantic extended birthday to me. I'll post something about it properly once I've caught my breath a bit (and read some of my Friends page which is sitting at skip=80 - eek!) but I just wanted to say thanks (again) to everyone who came along, sent things, text messaged, (and in one spectacular case) called to sing happy birthday onto my voicemail! You've all contributed to making this year my best ever birthday.

*got home last night, just waved off the last of visiting friends and am still unpacking

Monday, September 10, 2007


Anyone who's been to my house in the past few months is likely at some point to have tripped over three part finished canvasses that have been lying around* waiting for me to get round to completing them so they could go up in the living room and cover some of the very bare walls in there. Well this weekend I finished 'em and I'm quite pleased with the result: an impressionistic window on Sutherland in autumn.

For far flung and/or impatient people I've uploaded a photo here but if you're likely to pop by any time soon you might want to wait as I think they work better in person.

*update: or perhaps not, Keith for one had no idea I had a work in progress on the go, and he's been round plenty since I started them. They've obviously been less obvious than I thought... I'll admit their unfinished-ness probably kept them more prominently in my mind than they're likely to have been in anyone else's

Friday, September 07, 2007

The spider who loved me

The last two nights going to bed I've found a spider in it, the same one I think... this is a little disturbing but makes for an excellent blog post title.

Holiday in a week! can't wait!