Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New favourite thing

... well apart from the phone itself and a few other other obvious things like Angry Birds (yes yes, I know, I'm years late to that party, but it is fun).

Apart from those things this is my new favourite thing. I'm getting a train this afternoon and giddy that I'll be able to unlock the travelling dream by doing so. Silly, but fun.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naval gazing

So describing how love works... TV comes to the rescue: "one of the 3 legs that hold up love's stool: sex, liking his brain, then kinda accepting who he is 'cus you're never gonna change him anyway" - Shelly Tamboe: Northern Exposure.

Shelly was right, that's how it works. Or at least a description of the playing field. Problem is when knowing that isn't enough. She missed a part I think.

Sex is there, as is "liking his brain" and of course accepting "the other" - huge part of the deal. But in our inherent love of trifecta we overlooked the fourth: He has to want it too.

Sadly that part doesn't always hold.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home again

Had a lovely holiday. Long day getting home yesterday though.

Oh and I waited until Edinburgh airport to take money out... and the bloody American Express ATM still gives me a weird Bank of England £20. They've changed since I lived down south... looked like a prop from a movie about some Edwardian era banker... used it to pay for milk immediately because it was unsettling me and got a Bank of Ireland £10 in my change. :D

France was just what I needed. I didn't know I needed a holiday when I left. Frankly I didn't think I deserved one, but the shift in my mood and energy since coming back is astounding. I think I'd got pretty run down in September... it's been a strange year, and I think the turmoil of all of it had built up. Taking a couple of weeks away from it all in the tranquil French countryside has been really restorative.

Time with Mum & Dad helped too - or "playing on the beach with the aged Ps" as Mum put it - I don't want to gush but I feel very lucky to be part of my family. I know not everyone gets that but mine are a real source of joy and support.

Happily I've come back raring to go with work because there's a lot on the horizon... stay tuned

Monday, October 03, 2011

c'est si chaud!


I did not pack for hot...

I'm in France, borrowing Mum & Dad's little house in the Vendée for a couple of weeks' R&R and thoroughly enjoying it... but I did not pack for summer. It's October after all!