Wednesday, June 28, 2006


OK so last week me Liz and Phil went to see Big Hand (yes, again they're really good!) and because over the course of our recent joint adventuring I've ended up marginally financially better off than Liz, I paid her back in EPs, all three of the band's current published works in fact. Liz being the lovely soul that she is promptly copied all three onto a CD for me (and yet somehow we're still even) so I too could enjoy the wonder that is recorded Big Hand...

... thing is, I've only ever heard them live before. Liz has commented on this too, it's most odd hearing the band without being surrounded by a sweaty audience of loopers all bouncing about like mad things.

They're very good. But it's sort of like discovering a whole new band, and it makes me wonder how much of art in general is about context...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"...and that made me gay"

I'm ripping most of my old tapes so I can get rid of them... this means revisting some pretty dark, dank and forgotten corners of my musical tastes.

...which brings us to Bucks Fizz the band I once told a classmate would outlast Michael Jackson (yes really! though in my defence it was 1984, I was 7 and he does suck) - I can't believe my parents let me listen to this stuff - these lyrics are "rood!"*, they're all about sex, but also they're really really gay... I'm starting to wonder if Hamish's oft repeated refrain might not have some truth to it.

*that will only make sense to about six other people but it's the right word to use

Saturday, June 17, 2006

crisis over

As of about 11am this morning I am whole again! ...or (for those of you less wedded to your personal gadgets,) I have a functioning mobile again (same number as it's always been.)

Hamish, James, Anita, Neil and Pete, all understand just how relieved this makes me, the rest of you feel free to giggle, and/or shake your heads.


I'm only just now blogging about it not because I was enjoying being out of touch* but 'cus I spent the rest of today at the beach with Anita and Liz, we went to North Berwick and ate barbequed sausages (mine were the yummy Cauldron Foods Lincolnshire style ones, the girls had ones made from pigs) and Farmers' Market strawberries, and other assorted delicacies. Then we paddled in the sea, and clambered on rocks and enjoyed the sunshine. Yay for Saturdays!

* that's what the off button is for

Friday, June 16, 2006

sod's law

a matter of only a few months ago I had not one but two obsolete cellphones lying about my house, I've since found them nice new homes where they're being used instead of languishing in a cupboard... so of course this afternoon my current phone suddenly gave up the ghost without provokation or warning*

So I'm left phone-less for the time being and won't get any messages any of you might send/leave on there until I can sort out a new handset (which will hopefully be soon!) Just in case you were wondering.

... oh and the people with the two old handsets, I don't want either back thanks - they're getting more use with you and I'd just replace either of them with a newer model anyway.

lucky I have a (good) salary now I suppose...

*actually, that's not entirely true: it had a very nasty fall a few weeks back which cracked the screen, I suspect there were internal injuries :(

Monday, June 12, 2006

*tugs forelock*

Thanks to my big bro' for pointing out this amusing bit of news from the old country to me. Not sure it'll make anyone not from Burgh (that's Burgh, not the 'burgh folks) chuckle but it gave me a laugh... mostly because of the image conjoured by the phrase "other local dignitaries". hee.

First day at the new job went well, bit daunting and numbers-ey but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

last man on the moon

OK, so on Monday I rejoin the world of the 9-5ers ... well on Monday it's 9:15am but still, regular employment - woo yeah. I've enjoyed this last week of freedom, there's something quite different about getting up whenever you like when you know it's not going to last... ooh and I went to my favourite part of the planet! I dodged off to the north west coast for a wee while and it's just as stunning as I'd remembered. Frank enjoyed it too - first time he and I have done that kind of driving... I guess a car's never really mine until we've thrashed down the A861 together. Such a fun road (and amazingly I've cranked Frank's fuel consumption down to 36.5 mpg!)

So yeah, Monday morning I go back to being a genuinely productive member of society... can't wait!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

*happy dance*

I've got a new job! Pays way more than the old one too which is nice. I start a week on Monday, and in the meantime I think I might bugger off camping for a week.