Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peaceful joy

Almost in response to yesterday's post, today I discover that my peace lilly is about to flower for the first time in the five or so years I've had it.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It feels very spring-like just now.

It's kind of been Spring for a while now but the past few weeks have really felt like it. Partly it's the weather. Partly it's the way all my plants are growing - the kitchen windowsill is steadily disappearing under little leaves as the mini-nursery Mum brought with her on her last visit grows, and my old IKEA tower planter in the living room is a happy tumble of green. It's a good feeling.

Had a lovely weekend away with Liz last weekend which also felt very spring like - especially the drive home on Sunday... my phone was running low on juice but Liz took (and posted) some lovely shots of the Angel of the North (which we stopped at since neither of us had been) and the absurdly pretty little village Etal where we had lunch. I especially like this one even though I'd stopped to find out why my foot hurt (I'd damaged my toe) it doesn't make me think of that though, it reminds me what a lovely day it was.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strong foundations

Walking home from the first day of an excellent two day Flash training course on this glorious sunny afternoon, I passed the continuing works for the EICC Extension. It is on my way home but, not necessarily by the most obvious route. I think I partly detoured that way to enjoy it as a metaphor (because we all know how much I love those!)

So far most of 2011 has felt like the world was gouging huge holes in my life, ripping up existing structures in a couple of significant areas and leaving... well nothing in their place. Increasingly, I'm feeling like this was (in my work life at least) a very good thing. With construction now well under way in the chasm where my career used to be, I can see really exciting new structures emerging. Better by far than anything I've had there before...

The hole in my personal life is less raw now too. That "development" is still a vacant lot. I suspect it'll remain so for a while, but there's so much going on "next door" that I'm more at ease with the gap left by the unexpected demolition in January.

Yup. The groundworks and initial structure for the EICC extension have that same positive sense of potential and strength I'm getting in my work just now and I like the analogy. Of course I'll do a better job of the aesthetics with my development though.