Monday, November 09, 2009

Is it that time already?

Winter it seems. Well late autumn certainly. Frost greeted me for the first time in months when I opened the blinds this morning. I smiled. Last night I'd finally got round to taking down the hanging baskets from either side of our front door (they've been giving a good show all summer in spite of suffering with some nasty root eating bugs early on) and rescued the four (of six) surviving fuchsia, potting them up as houseplants to over-winter. Fingers crossed they'll do well, but I'm dead chuffed I got them in before the first frost.

In other news I'm eagerly anticipating a short holiday with my man at the end of the month. We went walking boot shopping together on Saturday to get his first pair of proper hillwalking boots. Exciting stuff. It is November so we're unlikely to do anything too challenging but being properly shod matters.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm in love? ;) I'm not going to go on about it at length partly because I've already bored most of you about it in person/via email/on the phone quite enough, and partly 'cus there's not much to say beyond that he's called Joe, he makes me happier than I ever imagined possible, and he tells me the feeling is mutual.