Thursday, March 31, 2005

Team Splat 2006?

I stumbled into something yesterday that I'm finding hard to get out of my head... and I'm playing with the idea of taking it seriously. I might very well regain my sanity change my mind between now and then... or I might actually do it, you never know. Either way I think this looks like a lot of fun.

Anyone else want to race an old 1l FIAT Panda accross a quarter of the world in three weeks next summer?

... what? it's a perfectly sane idea *grin*

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


OK so some of you will have no doubt noticed that things at have been a bit flaky of late, or if not you'll have noticed it's been oddly quiet. Long story short, my hosting company went crazy so I've moved to a better one. Things should be back to normal now but if you've sent a mail in the last few days and not had a response then send it again because I probably never recieved it.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

warm and fuzzy

Life is sweet

I'm sitting on my sofa with the remains of a glass of Laphroaig contemplating a really good weekend. I'm in a very good head space lately and feel like I should document that so here we go:

On Friday the gang came out to the boonies and we all hung out here, I love when that happens and it happens all too infrequently because I live "Far Away" from most of the people I care about... but my home is set up to be a space for people and fun though it is having it to myself, it really feels right when it's filled with my friends and their laughter. And laugh we did! I'd quote some choice bits of conversation but it'd probably sound like we wre having an entirely different kind of fun... Mexican food, beer, Father of the Pride (if you get Sky One you must watch it) music, conversation and laughter... I love my life.

Saturday morning everyone except me went to the Farmers' Market and (I gather) had fun. Personally I enjoyed being able to sleep through until lunchtime! I came round in a lazy sort of weekend way once 'nite and Justin came home (still thoroughly enjoying the new home-dynamic as do my housemates happily) mulling bits of the Guardian in between mugs of coffee, sections of the Saturday paper and some daft console games... After dinner (portobello mushrooms roasted with goats cheese and parmesan, parsnip chips and salad, 'nite and Justin had venison instead of 'shrooms) I poddled into town, joined Liz, Hame and Geoff to belatedly mark my saint's day with a pint and a half of Guinness at the Waverley before going clubbing with Hame at Mingin' which was as always fantastic!

Today I polled home round mid-day, flopped onto the sofa with the Herald and more coffee, until I was roused into an afternoon walk by Justin and Karen - the three of us wandered through a surprisingly spring-like Falls of Clyde for a happy couple of hours before retiring back here for more fine food, drink and company... Bliss!

...all in all I'm feeling very good about my life right now which is probably a good job seeing as next week is the dreaded last week of Spring Term at work... but lets not think of that while the Laphroaig's still to hand eh?

Friday, March 18, 2005


Last weekend while my brother and sister-in-law were visiting one of the things we did was go clothes shopping in places I'd not been before - in one such shop my clever brother found a YELLOW shirt* which I am wearing today and which makes me very happy.

Thanks again bro!

*it's this colour: YELLOW so it has to be written in block capitals

Saturday, March 12, 2005

pop out joy!

Yeah, I know! ...but I couldn't resist that title and I didn't name 'em The Futon Company did. What am I burbling about? well with three of us living here now (which I'm loving by the way) I no longer have a spare room but I still want to be able to have guests over, and since I also sometimes have lots of people over for the night I've been thinking about getting some of these for ages now, but more so recently.

This week I finally got a couple because they very kindly put 'em on a "buy one get one half price" sale just when I was about to have guests for the weekend. Handy eh? Because I'm such a lovely person... and because they're my new toy, I gave up my room last night and slept on one - so comfy! So I'm a very happy splat this morning... just need to get some blinds for the livingroom now.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

big weekend - little post

Been a busy splat of late, lots happening but it's late on Sunday and I don't feel like going on at length about it all so I'll sumarise in case I don't get chance during the day (and because it's been shockingly long since I posted)

First things first there are now three of us at home - my mate Justin has moved up to Edinburgh and for the time being has become my second lodger, should be fun.

Also at home I now have new wardrobes - yeah I know that's probably not exciting to anyone but me but they've been rather dominating my week what with moving old furniture about and building new. All good.

Weekend social life was busier than it's been in a while, Friday night was Burly at the Arches in Glasgow with Hame and Geoff, another good night (incidentally if you take a look at the gallery for last month you might spot a familiar face back thanks to Geoff for spotting my 15kB of fame there, and no the vest wasn't silver - it's just a low-light photo) think that's set to be a regular haunt: it's a great night, really good crowd and the venue is right out of a spy movie...

Saturday was a quieter night in at the Wav with Liz, Geoff, Mark, Karen and Justin, topped off with an after-closing bite at Fav and then talking into the small hours at Geoff's.