Friday, September 24, 2004

bouncey badness

announcement: for any of my friends using hotmail - my appologies but I appear to be unable to email you reliably (if at all) - your email provider keeps bouncing messages back from all three of my email providers. boo hiss.

I am getting emails sent from hotmail, I just can't seem to reply to them. ho hum.

On the bright side I have six invites available for a far better free email service so if you want one, email me and let me know.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

made me smile

(this is the utterly pointless result of a daft quiz but I've had a hard day and I liked it so there)

which OS are you?

Monday, September 20, 2004

a wedding and £400,000,000

(These should be two posts really as they're completely unrelated but I'm in a hurry and the title amused me.)

1) My big brother got married this weekend. I'll not say much more about it than that because a) I'm in a hurry and b) he doesn't really like me detailing the minutiae of his life online (which is fair enough seeing as it's his and not mine) but it was a really lovely weekend and now I officially have one more really cool sibling who I love, so yay!

2) Liz has taken some incredibly good photos of our expensive new Parliament building (which I also love, in a different way), they're over here and well worth a look if you have time and/or bandwidth...

...oh yeah, and I got a year older on Friday as well - many thanks to everyone who sent messages, cards and/or presents: I felt really very loved this weekend

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

false alarm

I mentioned a couple of days ago that we might be getting a cat. Understandably for those of you who know me this caused some confusion, but as it turns out we're not.

I've said before that I'm not a cat person, in fact as a rule I really dislike them, but (like any prejudice) this doesn't always hold when applied to an individual. The individual cat in question is a really un-cat-like, friendly and affectionate little creature called Esso who's lived with a friend of mine from work since she was found in an oil refinery about eleven years ago. This friend also now has two dogs, both spaniels, one of which is quite young and... well, inquisitive. Add to that the fact that they're all splitting their time between two homes and the poor moggie was having a more unsettled life than my friend felt was suitable for an old-ish cat, so he decided that she might be better off living somewhere else.

For the past week we've been trial-running my house as that somewhere else, but sadly mine and Anita's physiologies turn out not to be cat-compatible. I suspect mine would eventually adapt but Anita's seems not to be doing so, with her alergic reation worsening each day. This is particularly sad because Anita and Esso got on really very well... apart from the bit where Esso makes Anita want to claw all her skin off with the itching that is. Anyway, this morning I drove to work with a cat-in-a-box in the passenger-side footwell, and returned her to her original owner who confessed to being very pleased at having her back. I can see why: Esso is an uncommonly personable cat, and even after only a week Anita and I will really miss her.

If you ask me, the last thing the internet needs is more pictures of cats, but Liz seems to disagree, so you can look at Esso over on LiveJournal if you want. Cute eh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I feel like the Moog...

... bewildered but in a cheerfully optimistic sort of way, about what? well about this - it's either the best thing to happen to Children's telly in ages, or an utter travesty... if you've no idea what I'm blethering about and this:


doesn't jog your memory, this will explain what I'm talking about.

*Of course in the updated version Evil Edna is a thoroughly modern (evil) Plasma Screen - I wonder that means she'll gradually leak out all her evil until she fades away?

Saturday, September 11, 2004


the ADSL is finally playing nice on the network, all it took was a fixed IP!


also, (at the risk of being disowned by half my family) I seem to have maybe possibly perhaps got a cat... more on that later, going to eat the dinner of networking champions now: pasta! mmmm

Monday, September 06, 2004


Last night I sat on a hill in the rain and watched firworks that I couldn't see. Sounds dreadful doesn't it? It really really wasn't - I had the best time!

The end of the Edinburgh Festival(s) is marked every year by the Bank of Scotland with a huge fireworks display centered around Princes Street Gardens and the Castle, but visible to a greater or lesser degree from pretty much anywhere in the city. I reckon that after Hogmanay and the Tattoo, 'The Fireworks' are probably Edinburgh's third largest annual event.

When I lived in Orchard Brae we used to forget that they were on until the display actually started, at which point the three of us would cluster 'round Lara's bedroom window and watch them over the roofs of nearby buildings - If I mention that we lived on the ground floor, those of you who've never seen it will get an idea how all-pervasive the display usually is.

This year for the first time I'd actually arranged to go somewhere and watch the fireworks with a bunch of my friends - the best way of doing this is supposed to be to get tickets and go to the live concert in the Gardens to which the display is set, failing that you can get tickets to go and stand on Princes Street itself. Neither of these options appealed so instead we all met with blankets and assorted picnic-ish things on Calton Hill and, along with several thousand other cheapskates people, watched the display from there.

Edinburgh's an odd place to hold any outdoor event: it rains here. A lot. Being near the sea it's often pretty foggy too... however sitting on a hill with thousands of people in the rain watching fireworks vanish into the clouds for 45 minutes is (strangely) a lot of fun. My friend Liz took some photographs as well as doing a good job of describing the atmosphere and the display, you can find her post here.