Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pssst, wanna buy a house?

I've been scolded for not posting much of late - my apologies. I've been pretty busy, mostly with getting my house ready to sell, which it now is, in fact it's not just ready it's actually on the market (and only two months after I said it would be...) you can find the adverts here, here and here which is pretty much blanket coverage for the central belt I reckon... fingers crossed it'll get enough attention to net me a good (quick-ish) sale.

Assuming the spring-like weather we've been having holds I'll be taking a full series of finished photos of the place and adding them as a second house album later this week.

Meanwhile... well my contract at BG finished, so I no longer work there. There are up sides to that (naming no names) but mostly I'm missing the team, who (happily) are doing pretty well at staying in touch so far. Next job on the to-do list is to get myself gainfully employed again. It's been really useful having time to set the house to rights ahead of selling it, but that's done now so on with the next thing.

... and I'll try to keep a better record of events too, if nothing else so I don't incur the mosling's wrath again ;)

Saturday, April 01, 2006



I just got back from my holiday (well OK I've been home about four hours already) and I had a lovely time, but more about that tomorrow because I'm busy drinking some wine right now. I just wanted to share a strange discovery. On holiday I can (and did) walk about in my socks but at home it just feels wrong.

weird eh?