Tuesday, August 31, 2004

apropos nothing

running through some of the last bits of stock-take at work, I stopped briefly to leaf through an old Time-Life geography book about the USSR (which surely we should have reclassified as History?) Written in the early 80s it describes a long vanished land, parts of which are fascinatingly alien to someone born and raised in the capitalist west. Me being me, the part that struck me most was about a car company, one I'd never heard of (something of a rarity, for the benefit of anyone who didn't already know.)

The book describes the AZLK plant in Moscow as a model of Soviet Industry: a community in and of itself, based on giving the work-force a sense of belonging, and providing for all aspects of their lives. However accurate or otherwise this assessment was, the stated ethos struck a chord with the idealist in me... As I said I'd never heard of AZLK and decided to Google them - from what I can gather the company's still trading but the plant that Time-Life's writer visited has long since been abandoned, and is rather hauntingly captured in this photo essay I mention it for no reason other than it moved me.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


via Pet's blog I stumbled over this which is spellbinding (if you ask me, some people think it's creepy and unsettling). The premise is that someone somewhere dropped their digi-cam in the woods, and someone else found it. As with all things internet it could well be a fake but regardless of the story the photos themselves are amazing!

Be warned - if you're not on a broadband connection it'll take an absolute age to load as there are 30+ photographs and they're published inline on one page.


oh and no, I haven't forgotten about my summer update, just haven't found time to write it up yet... I might do that later today (first evening to myself in six days - woo!) but don't hold your collective breath.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Right, I'm home after my summer adventures, will post proper updates on my doings in Essex, Magalluf, and Amsterdam later in the week but since people seem to have been checking in here while I've been away I figured I ought to at least say hi now that I'm back, so hi