Saturday, June 21, 2008


Bombskare have a single out. Just got home from the launch gig (where - as usual - they rocked) with the CD in my sweaty mitts. Will post more when I've listened to it through a few times (live music doesn't always translate well to recorded... but so far so good) but had a great night!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blame Liz

...also it's been ages since I posted a meme

My personality type: the spontaneous idealist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!

As these things go I'd say that's a pretty accurate character sketch except for it being overly preoccupied with me getting "bored", which doesn't happen. Otherwise though pretty close.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


1,000 apologies for having been an absent blogger of late, been busy playin' with my new toy.

So a brief cheating update (mostly by way of linking to friends' blogs). First full weekend with Hobbes I went adventuring in Dumfries and Galloway with Liz, we stopped in at Roslyn Chapel (since it's pretty and neither of us had ever been) and then spent most of the rest of the day playing on the B roads, except for about a half hour spent sitting at a junction somewhere in D&G watching every horse in the world trot past. No really, all of them. Liz took pictures (of assorted pretty things, not of the horses) and they can be found here.

Bank holiday weekend (so not last weekend but the weekend before) Liz joined me again this time for a trip up to the west coast just north of Arisaig, we took a tent and an instant barbeque and had a lovely evening on the beach on Saturday. Then on Sunday the implausibly good weather we were enjoying tempted us into a quick jaunt over to Skye (making me late back for plans with Nete and Keith - sorry again guys!) Once again Liz did a better job of documenting our travels than I and her words and pictures are over here.

This weekend just gone, Justin invited me along on his friend Toby's stag weekend in North Wales. I'd met Toby a couple of times before and enjoyed his company immensely so didn't feel like a total gatecrasher. I did however feel just how out of shape I am the day after we climbed Tryfan. Note to self, get into the hills more often. Justin, like Liz, has been a better blogger than I of late and posted about the trip here.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I've been up to - driving my fantastic new car all over the country with friends. Bliss. Must stop going away every weekend though because I can't really afford to be buying that much petrol and oil... That said next weekend I'm dashing down to Doncaster to visit friends and family there. Then I'll give it a rest for at least a week or two... unless the weather's really good...

In other news Flash turned out to be terminally broken (or at least in need of an £850 repair, which on a 3 year old laptop amounts to the same thing) so via the great consumer continuum known as eBay I'm selling off two laptops (one working, one not) and some other odds and ends to pay for an almost identical (but working) replacement for my broken PowerBook. Flash is dead, long live Flash II.