Monday, August 13, 2012

Key Chain

So this afternoon I was gearing up to putting another coat of gloss on the woodwork in the toilet, when I remembered I was running low on groceries, specifically the kinds of things (potato waffles and cheese!) that I tend to want to eat after I've been doing things like painting woodwork.

Off to the shops then. Popped up to Farmfoods & picked up a bag full of odds and ends, about half of which were frozen. So far so dull. Then as I turned onto Grove Street coming home and reached into my pocket for my keys...

I'm blaming the paint fumes. I mean I never leave the house without my keys.

I'd left the house without my keys.

Happily I gave Liz a spare set ages ago against just such an emergency... only (it being Festival time) she was watching a show & her phone was off. Anita (bless her) was in. She doesn't have a set of my keys (though I may get another cut...) however she has a freezer (sorting problem #2 - defrosting groceries) and she has a set of keys to Liz's flat.

A long way round to get home from a quick trip to the shops: Shops to Anita's, Anita's to Liz's, Liz's to Anita's and finally back home.

Brings a new meaning to the phrase "key chain".

Friday, August 03, 2012