Friday, January 13, 2006


I have a head full of stuff to blog about, and no time to actually write them... bah! expect proper posts about Brokeback Mountain, New Year stuff and the ongoing car saga (and hopefully nothing about noises from next door!) soon, but in the meantime YAY! I can finally play with Google Earth!


Just as soon as I get some free time that is. Ha!

Friday, January 06, 2006

drums fingers

OK so yesterday someone finally came and took Bags away to be fixed, and tomorrow my loan car is supposed to arrive* which means that this stupid car accident business has neatly wiped out my entire week's holiday. Or at least it has in as far as being able to go anywhere is concerned. Nice.

Also I'd deliberatley left all Bags' stuff in Bags - most particularly Serengeti and Antoine (the orange girraffe and yellow frog who've lived on Bags' dashboard since I got him) were supposed to stay there and keep him company**. However the man who came to take Bags away took them out "in case it doesn't come back" - I'd gone back to bed at the time because I'd had very little sleep and thought the tow-truck had already gone, Justin answered the door (totally confusing the poor guy) otherwise I'd have had to have told him there's a load more stuff in the boot... I'm not sure I'm quite sentimental enough to have tried to make the tow-truck guy leave Bags' friends on the dashboard to keep him company... but now I'm fighting off the stupid feeling that this is in some way a bad sign. Besides which it's pointless having taken two soft toys and a pair of sunglasses out of the car when (if he doesn't come back) there's a bunch more stuff I would have to go and collect anyway.


I just hope they can mend my car.

*actually it was "supposed" to arrive yesterday according to the insurance company but according to the garage who have the car I won't get it until tomorrow because that's the soonest it's available. bah.

**yes I know: I'm a sentimental sap, surely this isn't news to any of you?