Monday, June 18, 2012

Broadens the mind


Yes, I know I've been rubbish recently - sorry

First there was a stretch where I was very angry about something work related & didn't want to blog because I didn't want to accidentally post something unprofessional. Short sanitised version: someone I like & trusted, handled a (difficult) situation very very badly. The rug was unceremoniously yanked from under my work life once again. Something I'd worked hard at building and invested a lot in was suddenly and unfairly taken from me.

Since then there's been a longer period where I've just been really busy working & didn't get round to blogging. As you'd imagine that has dulled the sting from the previous unpleasantness.

Work is now entirely in my own hands & going bloody brilliantly. I'm working on exciting projects with really lovely clients. Couldn't be happier.

And so now I'm back to blogging... Except I'm probably not since I'm going on holiday for the next two weeks. I'm writing this on a train hurtling through the (very pretty & sunny) Scottish Borders on my way to Eigg.

Yes. I know Eigg is north west of Edinburgh. I'm going via Keynsham. Yes, on purpose!

My wonderful sister and her lovely daughter live in Keynsham. I'm travelling South to meet up with them, then on Wednesday the three of us drive back to (hopefully still sunny) Scotland, have a few days in a wee house beside a loch in the highlands, and *then* next weekend we meet up with Mum and Dad to get the ferry to Eigg.

To some people this probably sounds a tortuous route. Personally I'm really looking forward to all the travelling. I enjoy it. Lucky that, since without this oddball detour the holiday wouldn't be possible.

Funny how you sometimes have to go the long way round to get to where you want to be.