Saturday, April 21, 2007

angry weasel

Nobody likes having their time wasted, but having it wasted over the sale of a car I was hoping to have completed six months ago is the pits. Following on a sudden flurry of interest in my car this weekend I've just spent all afternoon over at Phil & Murray's (where Frank's been staying while Phil has him on loan) waiting for people who didn't show up... or who in one case (out of five!) showed up with four friends, two of whom prodded at the car inexpertly for fully two minutes (while yammering excitedly at each other in Polish) before announcing that it was too expensive (at £990, which is actually pretty reasonable according to autotrader) and wandering off. I mean fair enough if you don't want to spend that on it, but the price is in the advert so don't waste my time by showing up to take a cursory glance at the car (about which you clearly know nothing) before announcing that you can't afford it (they weren't even trying to haggle - the whole thing was quite surreal)


So I'm feeling like I've had a completely wasted afternoon, which isn't fun. Happily Phil's & Murray's company was as always a pleasure and Phil managed to cheer me up considerably by flinging cushions at me. Still I'm fed up with this whole car thing and just want it finished with... strangely enough I'm still very fond of the car itself, I'm just sick of selling it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

accidental charity

Just home from a really cool evening out - Had dinner with Murray and Phil then went to the Bongo Club with Liz & Jo - a couple of weeks back while out dancing about like loopers at the Citrus Club I was seized with a desire to see some live Ska, and (naturally) mentioned this to Liz who (being a girl genius) promptly found us some!

Tonight was the first of two - a charity gig for Shelter which is good because I approve of them but (in all honesty) unless it had been a gig in aid of killing fluffy bunnies or something equally vile we'd almost certainly have gone anyway because these guys were playing and they rock* Their support acts were pretty good too though - the first lot were OK though I suspect they'd have sounded better with a stronger singer. Liz was kinder putting it down to the stress of live performance but I think he let them down. Second up were this lot fronted by a stunningly attractive** (and very talented) young woman who got the crowd well and truly warmed up for the main attraction. All good.

and I won stuff! There was a raffle and I won some Starbucks guff (fourth or fifth prize but hey!) including a little caffetierre which may prove very handy in my new office!

Life is excellent.

*especially the stunning attractive drummer, mmmmm
**James, this is about where you got texted - you would have liked her a lot I suspect and so should move here!

Friday, April 13, 2007

say it with Sinfest

I don't usually do this, but this just sums up how I'm feeling today.

...only it's not a bone that I have, it's a new job! YAY!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I've had a great Easter - my old mate James came to stay from Tuesday through to this afternoon and it's been far too long since he and I got to just hang out with each other, then on Sunday Liz did what seems to be becoming her customary egg hunt for us up on Haggis Knowe (sp?) in Holyrood Park - scrambling around on a rocky outcrop hunting down chocolate eggs is a great way to spend a few hours... must figure out some kind of fun thing to do at another point in the year to redress the choc-balance there I think...

Oh and the garden keeps on blooming, as soon as I think on on a sunny afternoon I'll be taking and posting pictures.