Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tech stuff: good news/bad news

Good news My number ported smoothly and on time from O2 to Orange, meaning I can now send and recieve text messages again and my telephone is fully back to normal, only much cheaper - yay!

Bad news Flash's narcolepsy is a hardware problem and not something I can fix myself so he's almost certainly going to need an expensive replacement part in order to be usable again. :(

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Linkey post

I'm not being very good at updating lately am I? Sorry about that - it's largely down to the fact that I'm still job hunting which is a bit depressing really since I've been back in the UK for almost six weeks now, still there's a very promising prospect on the horizon (fingers crossed) which - if it materialises into a job - should see things picking up pretty quickly.

Anyway, other than the job hunting (which I'm fed up with talking about) I've not got much going on, Flash (my trusty PowerBook) is bucking to get himself renamed Mike Waters ... which is an obscure way of saying he's developed this glitch. It's my own fault for saying to Hamish the other day how generally good my experience of technology is and how my stuff seems to last for ages without going wrong... serves me right eh? Hopefully I'll be able to convince Apple to fix him out of warranty because it does seem to be a problem with this model rather than my specific unit, but the prospect of convincing tech support people of that isn't very appealing.

Meanwhile though (more tech news) after almost a decade with these guys I've finally stopped being able to wring a decent service contract out of them and so I'm mid-move to another network who I've heard good things about and am so far very happy with: everything including my swanky new handset has been bang on time, and I've not had to argue with anyone at customer services, something of a constant when dealing with the old lot recently. Happily because of the way things work I'll be keeping the same number I've had forever, so nobody needs to update their address book. That said for the next week or so you're all better off calling or emailing than texting me since the actual transfer takes a week and while calls can be redirected, texts can't.

There. So lots of distractions from not having a job, some good some bad. and many many links, not sure why I've peppered this post with links... maybe I need a job. ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart my friends

Been a bit fed up of late what with spinning my wheels on this job hunt thing and all, but my friends have been consistently perking me up - like Chris constantly emailing me suggestions of stuff to apply for, or James blethering with me about nothing in particular for an hour or so last night (on his phone bill), or Pip inviting me to lunch tomorrow, or Thursday nights at the Calley with Justin & Keith which seems to have become a (welcome) fixture of my weeks since I got home... and of course there's Hamish being across the hall which I love.

Or last Friday: I'd just heard back about a job I'd interviewed really well for and really wanted, and which in all honesty I thought I'd probably get, only I didn't and was crushed. Liz had some DIY for me to help with which picked me up no end*, then the Friday gang were about being Friday-ish and they completely took me out of myself (with a little help from drinks being a pound at Opium, and the Citrus Club's 80s night).

Today, Justin popped by to say hi (apparently - I was still in bed but knowing he popped by is nice, and Just next time you have my permission to wake me up: I should not have still been asleep at that hour!) then just now Anita showed up to take Hame to the cinema with the gang, not a pick-me-up in itself since I'm not going (no income y'see) but (bless her) in her latest round of sorting she'd uncovered some old films and got them developed, including the lost reel from starting renovating my old house! So I spent a happy hour or so flicking through those and will get them digitised at some point soon so I can sort the first house album out and people can see exactly how much work we did (which is a lot!)

So yeah, today instead of getting bogged down by some greetings card nonsense which I can't join in on, I am just being very thankful for my friends. Happy Wednesday guys!

* yes really, and I know I'm a freak

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We apologise for the delay

OK I know it's been three weeks since I got home but there was a lot of editing and sorting to do, however I've finally got the first of my three Australia trip photo albums compiled and posted, you can find it here

Enjoy. The 160 images in this album cover the first month of the trip - More to follow soon.